Your band created the perfect atmosphere…
Thank you for doing such a fabulous job at our wedding on June 12th. I couldn’t have been happier. I could not imagine having all my friends and all my parents friends dancing together! Your band created the perfect atmosphere and I got so many compliments about how terrific your band was…If I can ever serve as a reference, please let me know – I’d be happy to do so. Thank you again so much for everything! - Lauren

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding the music for your wedding or special event? Please email, or call or text Leigh at 203.701.8561 for a personal consultation. 

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions from our prospective clients:

What makes Celebration different from other bands? 
There are many fine bands with all the basics: top quality professional musicians, a diverse repertoire, years of experience and a “can do/will do” attitude. We too, have all those qualifications. We have something, though, that we feel makes Celebration a little special. It’s what we call the “We Blend” factor. A few years ago a bride’s mother was speaking with the band during our break, and in the process of complimenting us on what a great job we were doing and, having heard many other bands at numerous weddings, was contemplating what was so appealing about Celebration.  She finally decided “we blended”. We decided she was absolutely right. The fact is we all enjoy working together and making music together, and it shows. The result is a wonderful energy that defines the difference between a “band” and a group of musicians playing together…and the key to a great party!

What kind of music do you play?
This is really a two part answer: 1) a tremendous range and depth of popular music spanning six decades 2) the music that is most appropriate for the situation at that time. Like most bands playing weddings and private functions our repertoire includes a wide range of material from the 1940’s through the present with an emphasis on the “hits”: Big Band, Swing, Standards, Jazz, Oldies, Motown/R & B, Classic rock, Seventies “Dance”/Funk, 80’s and 90’s, current Pop/Dance music, Reggae, Country, Ballroom, Show/Movie tunes, Latin and “ethnic” selections and more. (One of the most consistent comments we get from our clients and guests is that we were able to perform all of these different styles like they should sound.) The key is to put together all of this music in such a way that it makes YOUR party a great party! This is where experience and intuition are essential in “reading” the group and playing just the right songs at the right time to keep all your guests dancing during the dance sets and, equally important, to play background music where appropriate (usually during the dinner courses). Our flow of music is totally spontaneous and dictated by what we feel will be absolutely optimum for the moment.

Can we choose songs for you to play? 
Here is another two part answer: 1) (mostly) yes and 2) (a little) no. Yes, we welcome your input and recommend that you indicate your preferences from our extensive songlist. You may want to prioritize your favorites (1 or 2 checks) and we’ll make every effort to include these when and where we feel they fit in. There may be some songs that come to mind that are not on the list. Sometimes we are familiar with these songs and, with a little preparation, can perform all or some of them at your affair. And yes, we will learn whatever you select for your first dance, though we would require a few weeks lead time and may ask you to supply a recording of the song. We will also learn a limited number of songs that are particularly important, perhaps for immediate family members’ anniversaries, birthdays, etc… No, we can’t guarantee we’ll learn every song that you’d like to hear, but will do our best to include the music that will make your day special! We would also be happy to play any of your special dances on CD.

Are you a loud band and will you adjust the volume if we ask? 
We play at what we feel is a “reasonable” volume and constantly monitor the sound on stage and around the room to maintain an appropriate level. We are committed to the idea that this is your day and we are there to make it as good as it can be, so if you or members of your family feel the band is too loud we will make whatever adjustments in volume and/or speaker placement are necessary to achieve an acceptable level.

How many breaks do you take, for how long, and do you put on music during the breaks? 
Typically we take two breaks. We will play continuously until the main course is served at which point we will take our first full band break of approximately 20 – 25 minutes. (Up to that point, individual band members have usually taken a short break, “staggered”, so that there is always some music being played.) After a “dance” set (approximately 1 hour) we’ll conclude with the cake cutting and take our second break of 15 – 20 minutes as the cake is being served. This is a fairly typical scenario, though obviously each situation is different and we “go with the flow” as needed. (Example: with a buffet the break points would not be defined as easily as with a “sit-down” dinner, however there are always certain times that are better than others for breaks.) Our goal is to minimize the impact of the breaks on the flow of the partywhile giving the musicians the break time they need to do their job well. We will play recorded music during breaks and welcome your playlists for breaks if you wish to supply them. We can also providea “hands on” DJ for dance mixes during breaks. 

Are the musicians always the same? 
Yes. Celebration is a set band with regular players and arranged vocal and instrumental parts. Occasionally a situation occurrs where one player is not available for health, family or personal reasons. (A few years ago Larry took off to play drums with Bruce Springsteen on the Seeger Sessions tour…) In those situations we substitute with a musician of equal caliber – and the skill to read and hear our arrangements – in order to maintain the high quality of our regular band.

Do you “emcee” the wedding? 
We will do whatever emceeing you feel would be appropriate for your wedding. This can mean anything from minimal or no announcements, to the “traditional” introductions of the Bridal Party, bride and groom, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, etc. – or something in between in whatever form works for you. Everyone’s style is a little different – and every event unique. Having performed at over 600 weddings, we would be glad to use our experience to help you and your family create a event that reflects your distinct style.

The band exceeded my expectations…
…I was so relaxed because I did not have any concerns what so ever. I had heard from numerous people about the professionalism, reliability and versatility of your band. Not only was all this true,  but the band exceeded my expectations.” - Maria and Mat